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Recommended Practices 571


Provides background information on damage that can occur to equipment in the refining process. It is intended to supplement Risk-Based Inspection (RP 580 and Publ. 581) and Fitness-for-Service (Std. 579-1/ASME FFS-1) technologies developed in recent years by API to manage existing refining equipment integrity. It is also an excellent reference for inspection, operations, and maintenance personnel. This RP covers over 60 damage mechanisms.

Each write-up consists of a general description of the damage, susceptible materials, construction, critical factors, inspection method selection guidelines, and control measures. Wherever possible, pictures are included and references are provided for each mechanism. In addition, generic process flow diagrams have been included that contain a summary of the major damage flow mechanism expected for typical refinery process units.

2nd Edition | April 2011

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